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smash mouth Walking On The Sun lyrics

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Disclaimer: This isn't my song for all you retards who think I am pretending to be Steve Harwell I am not so don't mute the audio. :Lyrics: It ain't no joke I'd like to buy the world a toke And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony And teach the world to snuff the fires and the liars Hey I know it's just a song but it's spice for the recipe This is a love attack I know it went out but it's back It's just like any fad it retracts before impact And it's just like fashion it's a passion for the with it and hip If ya got the goods they'll come and buy it just to stay in The clique (CHORUS): So don't delay act now supplies are running out Allow, if you're still alive, six to eight years to arrive And if you follow there may be a tomorrow But if the offer is shun you might as well be walking on the sun Twenty five years ago they spoke out and they broke out Of recession and oppression and together they toked And they folked out with guitars around a bon fire Just singin' and clappin' man what the hell happened Some were spell bound some were hell bound Some they fell down and some got back up and Fought back 'gainst the melt down And their kids are hippie chicks and hypocrites Because fashion is smashin' the true meaning of it (CHORUS): So don't delay act now supplies are running out Allow, if you're still alive, six to eight years to arrive And if you follow there may be a tomorrow But if the offer is shun you might as well be walking on the sun It ain't no joke when mama's handkerchief is soaked With her tears because her baby's life has been revoked The bond is broke up so choke up and focus on the close up Mr. Wizard can't perform no god like hocus pocus So don't sit back, kick back, and watch the world get bushwhacked News at ten, your neighborhood is under attack Put away the crack before the crack puts you away You need to be there when your babies are old enough to relate (CHORUS): So don't delay act now supplies are running out Allow, if you're still alive, six to eight years to arrive And if you follow there may be a tomorrow But if the offer is shun you might as well be walking on the sun might as well be walking on the sun might as well be walking on the sun might as well be walking on the sun might as well be walking on the sun
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Text Comments (97)
nick valentine (2 months ago)
propably the only one but i found this song on a tf2 jailbreak map
tony the officer (1 year ago)
how many people are *walkin'* to this song.
hooni chan (1 year ago)
those soul patches get me wet afff
Eustace Bagge (1 year ago)
wow this song is actually pretty good.
Joseph Terron (6 months ago)
youre icon just reminded me of good old memories thank
Tyrone Johnson (1 year ago)
jeremy from on the spot 94 brought me here
packard400 (2 years ago)
If the Doors were around in the 90's....this is what they would have sounded like.
Liamidus (1 year ago)
no, lmao
Head ATTANIUS (2 years ago)
why are you pretending to be steve harwell
Kaitlyn Karhan (2 years ago)
I used to jam hardcore to this song as a kid, now that I look at the lyrics...... Wow. No wonder I'm so deranged! Haha!
content nausea (3 years ago)
mr sex goblin (3 years ago)
Dammit Dunko
-T S- (3 years ago)
Zachary Rohland (3 years ago)
much to do, so much to see.
Christopher Griffin (3 years ago)
pasquale davino (4 years ago)
I think this song came out the year I was born!
MadeInVolantis (3 years ago)
That's the greatest thing I've ever heard. Your so lucky.
Yes, bingo, 1997!
Bobbae (4 years ago)
It was released in 1997.
Khaudus (8 years ago)
Emo ppl why dont u stop trying to die and do it?
Jim Nasium (8 years ago)
@JoeHammerschmidt LOL! Why did you put your goofy-ass looking face at the end? ROFL LMAO Way to go weirdo. :)
Khemix4 (8 years ago)
looks like Joe here has almost as many fans as Smash Mouth ;-)
xXiPhreakXx (8 years ago)
@roadieshut AHAHAHA, you're just making a dick of yourself for 137, 219 viewers or more to see. :D
404 Paige Not Found (8 years ago)
lovin' the 90s sunglasses
Mathew (8 years ago)
I loVe YOu sMaCh MoUlTH!!!!!
Takide Shineau (8 years ago)
rotflol who the hell is that illiterate to think your trying to steal the song? xDD
MigityMigityMike (8 years ago)
This song reminds me of Steven Millers Space Cowboy.
blackhalodecat (8 years ago)
I miss the 90s.
mikethe4th (8 years ago)
i love when the radio plays this
1656747 (8 years ago)
Can everyone stop with Justine Bieber? We get it everyone hates him as I do but stop with his name we get it hes gay!
Malcolm Flex (8 years ago)
The music sounds like Soul Kitchen by The Doors.
Thedawg4life (8 years ago)
@SuperTrogdoor i heard it when i was 3 and it still is my favorite song!!
Dan c (8 years ago)
@SuperTrogdoor maybe because your still high, lol just kiddin its an awesome song
matthew timmons (8 years ago)
HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS SONG!!! i was like 9 when i heard this song, i got high to this song when i was a teen, i still love this shit!!!
mbfenner (8 years ago)
All these years later this song is still cool. That's the earmark of a classic.
Hector Perez (8 years ago)
SgtMustang (8 years ago)
@JoeHammerschmidt Congratulations on being finer than you were before. However, I cannot agree with the fact that you look twice as good as me.
V4mp1r3r0m4nc3 (8 years ago)
love the description of the video!
SgtMustang (8 years ago)
@iDreamOfJulia LOl interesting taste
SgtMustang (8 years ago)
@TheCakeArcher Your a dumbass
ShadoWkilleR (8 years ago)
sebera cansin la mas aspera que e escuchado bueno eso es lo que creeo
Vince (8 years ago)
@ Uploader Kudos on the high quality sound. And... On how eeringly alike our surnames are, only two letters apart.
Laura Marium (8 years ago)
Wow, haha, i grew up with this song, I was a teenager, and as a 25 year old i reall like this song! In a new way
Raul M (8 years ago)
the real McCoy
Derek Schroeder (8 years ago)
i love (before the year 2000) music. :D dont get me wrong, i have no idea if this came out after 2000 or not.
Derek Schroeder (8 years ago)
i love (before the year 2000) songs. :D
madbeatz (8 years ago)
sounds alike soul kitchen by the doors
Trevor Meyer (8 years ago)
Soul Kitchen?
JoshtheRoo (8 years ago)
How '97...
Jake (8 years ago)
damn good song
theodoeshutup (8 years ago)
i miss the early 2000s so much... now we have WOAH 2010 SO COOL... we have terrible things like "funny" 4chan, bad music, etc etc...
Justin D. (8 years ago)
This song is in Rock Band 3!
BluntObject1234 (8 years ago)
@sly4308 I think it's about that too..Drugs and fasion take the meaning out of things. It doesn't matter if you listen to disco, hippie punk ,eno or what ever the hell it is. I do like Punk music though. every genre claims to be unique individuals but t hey all do the same thing. Drugs, partying and fashion. Nothing wrong wit a good time and a good drink and looking good but it's become the norm. Everything starts out with a meaning but it loses it. Lik every youth rebellion.
BeingCoolIsMyJobMan (8 years ago)
im a total grungehead but this late 90's pop/rock is bitchin
Riana Treshaun (8 years ago)
@PaulMMcgarry LMAO
sly4308 (8 years ago)
@BluntObject1234 you got all that from this song, very intuitive my friend. I always thought this song was about drug dealing with the whole "act now, supplies are running out" or when he says "put away the crack befor that crap puts you away" and walkin on the sun is a reference to all the heat on you from the police that you might as well be walkin on the sun, but i could be wrong?
Xarnemesis (8 years ago)
nice song
Passievruchten (8 years ago)
I love this song!
Syco Figglesticks (8 years ago)
@dizzyd1250 OMG he does lolz!
KtheKitsune (8 years ago)
i luuv this song!
Megan Post (8 years ago)
This is ridiculous... i LOVE THIS SONG!
TheDozer5 (8 years ago)
why do we need ur pic dude? last thing i wanan see is a portly teen longingly staring at the camera
Gabriel ruiz (8 years ago)
90's were great
xspidermanplayax (8 years ago)
@JoeHammerschmidt you might as well be walkin on the sun
DMD19911 (8 years ago)
@TheCakeArcher If you like the song how can you not tell that it's Steve Harwell singing? This doesn't sound anything like a cover, just cause the man put a picture of himself at the end doesn't mean he's the one singing. Fuck people are stupid these days.
DMD19911 (8 years ago)
@MrDread56 A lot of lyric videos put the lyrics in the description and not the video, douche.
BluntObject1234 (8 years ago)
@Maliphelps1 my opinion
MrBiffi (8 years ago)
@PaulMMcgarry i know something that will creep u out even more....go look in ur mirror :D
SaraLove (8 years ago)
@iDreamOfJulia lol oh! yes he is very cute=] go get him girl!
SaraLove (8 years ago)
@iDreamOfJulia I hope your talking about the blonde.....
kiwi kaboom (8 years ago)
omg yay!
shoespeak (8 years ago)
i remember thinking the line was "its just like candy fat it retracts before impact" haha
Mr Henderson (8 years ago)
@SIMONP1965 : I think they remind me of The Doors. I can see where you're coming from though. Look up When The Music's Over and listen to the keyboard. It's totally this track. I think even they don't hide the fact that it's very loosely based or heavily influenced by The Doors, When The Music's Over.
killbielski (8 years ago)
any1 know only intrumental from this song??
SIMONP1965 (8 years ago)
its is just me or does these guys music remind you of the B-52s
liveontheclassics (8 years ago)
I LOVE the 90's! :D Its good to be born in the 90's <3
Nic Keller (8 years ago)
@lolgurlyyy try beeMP3.com free and almost every song i can thank of
lolgurlyyy (8 years ago)
I was TRYING to look for this song for 3 months! n i found it because i recorded it from the radio n listend to the lyrics then put them it
333AndMan (8 years ago)
the intro sounds like a The Doors song
summerpeace9 (8 years ago)
hahaha i like what you wrote joehammerschmidt
Takide Shineau (8 years ago)
@aaa8181 oh, i'm so devastated. x3
aaa8181 (8 years ago)
@draikausul watch me not care
Ericbranson3 (8 years ago)
good ole late 90's music
Ericbranson3 (8 years ago)
@PaulMMcgarry he looks like a smooth-talker
Takide Shineau (8 years ago)
@aaa8181 just because they ARN'T singing about killing, mugging, stealing, drugs, sex, or something else completely ignorant like most rappers do today DOESN'T mean they're gay or that they suck. but the people who complain, they might be. objectors probably do both. (watch him get mad :D)
BluntObject1234 (8 years ago)
The lyrics are great. It's true fashion smashes the true meaning of things. Hippies were hippies because of a war going on. Now it's just peace signs on everything.revoked Punks were Punks because they were MENTALLY social misfits not because of how high there Mohawk was. Ghetto's were Ghetto's because they grew up in slums and couldn't afford proper fitting clothes. They didn't wear baggy clothes cause they thought it looked cool. FASHION IS SMASHN THE TRUE MEANING OF IT!
Tone Moonie (8 years ago)
GOD I Miss 1997!!!!!
motowater (8 years ago)
this song is awesome.
aaa8181 (8 years ago)
@TheSnow2pumpkin actually my friend wrote that comment and i don't agree with it personally, the song is kind of nostalgic for me; However your neanderthal racist response drove me to reply to you... Got to have some swagger when your trying to offend someone man, your just making yourself look bad, like a 6th grader who just learned how to curse. Please also make it sound like you have a brain in your head, that comment was like a thought going through a drunk rednecks head...
lovelygoldensparrow (8 years ago)
@JoeHammerschmidt You rock Joe! It sickening when ppl want to put things down just b/c their not disgustingly violent.
aaa8181 (8 years ago)
They look like there gay for each other. that's why there leaning on each other. that guy in the blue shirts beard looks so fucking gay and dumb. Plus this song sucks dick. its soooo lame. it for frat boy wannabee`s who want to be cool listening to there pg-13 rated band. they need to be shot today.
Ville Vinci (8 years ago)
whatever happened to Smash Mouth??
Peggy Sigmon (8 years ago)
"put away the crack before the crack puts you away you need to be there when your baby's old enough to relate" you might as well be walking on the sun... EXCELLENT LYRICS!!! LOVE THIS SONG!
Larry Owens (8 years ago)
Kick ass tunes.
TripleZ89 (9 years ago)
Careful I keep seeing people getting this song taken down because of copyright crap. Be careful, but still thanks man.

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