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DIY | How to make an Silicone Phone Case | Tutorial

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SOME IDEAS, AND EXPERIMENTS CAN BE DANGEROUS. AND FOR THAT YOU DON'T RISK AND DAMAGE YOURSELF AND THE ENVIRONMENT, I COME TO HELP. I am a professional in my business with a lot of experience! EVERY VIDEO, EVEN THAT, IS COMPLETED WITH COMPLIANCE WITH ALL SAFETY MEASURES. ENJOY THE VIDEO, AND EAT THE SWEETS) The rest I do instead of you. A WARNING: This video is for demonstration and educational purposes only. Each demonstration presents risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting, and should be performed only by professionals. You use this video content at your own peril and risk. DO NOT REPEAT! FRIEND CHANNEL! VERY INTERESTING VIDEO IDEAS, EXPERIMENTS AND SELF-MODEL TOOLS! GO will support it, and subscribe to the channel! https://www.instagram.com/zoomdiy/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD0-L3SCnkQqJbwyaAZgJqw/featured
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Text Comments (1793)
Karishma Pindoria (1 day ago)
"hello gays"🤣🤣🤣
nicolas Francisco (6 days ago)
Can i use corn starch? We don't have any potato starch in our hometown.
JJ Che (6 days ago)
nordic accents sound so AI lol
Katherine Michelle (19 days ago)
What's the name of the silicone brand did you use
Haki Berisa (1 month ago)
Hello gays?
aref alramdhan (1 month ago)
It is impossible to make. Do not try
aref alramdhan (1 month ago)
it does not work. it is very sticky. It stick to the roller when try to make it flat and it is messy.
chuck rich (1 month ago)
Would that overheat the phone ?¿!
DAVID MALOLLARI (2 months ago)
The ingredients
Hussain Khan (2 months ago)
What is the name of powder?
Lee Jihoon's Moustache (2 months ago)
It's called starch
Queen Ñatachà (2 months ago)
How long does it take to freeze?
urmi mridha (2 months ago)
How many powders are felt
DarkHalcyonX (3 months ago)
who can afford potato starch?! and i mean, with all that expensive silicone, and that fancy caulk gun?! PLUS those next gen high tech gloves?! this entire build is approaching tens of dollars! thats double digits! big bucks! theres no way anyone could afford this!
DarkHalcyonX (3 months ago)
And that's so rude trying to steal OtterBoxes customers like this. for shame. smdh. 😂
Cherise P (3 months ago)
If I wanted to paint it what would I use...what kinda paint
MYDUL ISLAM (3 months ago)
How to make silicone
Пидоры , украли видео
It's Happening (3 months ago)
What silicone is using?
LOSER o_o (3 months ago)
O un gıbı olan ne
Guitar Stuff (4 months ago)
Can i use cornstarch instead?
ichi -kun (4 months ago)
some people will start making dildos coz of this video
Milliard Gears (4 months ago)
Usefull idea
Mein_Kunt (4 months ago)
When the fleshlight is too expensive...
is it possible to make one of these to protect my notebook cover??
Atrooja Khan (5 months ago)
Hello gays
Perfect Life (5 months ago)
What the hell is potato starch I thought it was corn starch
Rotulino Rolon (5 months ago)
Did he say hello gays? 💁🏽‍♂️how do you know?
Ambika Duddagi (5 months ago)
Can I use flour
A F (6 months ago)
Roman Pute Hack plutôt sale gross fdp
Filial Films (6 months ago)
wait, I have to go 12 hours without my phone to make this?! IMPOSSIBLE
mikey legit (6 months ago)
I would go 12 hours without using their phone
Tejaraj Rana (6 months ago)
Hindi me bolo
Pearl the rebel (6 months ago)
Just buy one from China for $1
Fruitarian (6 months ago)
I must DIY for iphone Xs owners
Shshank Verma (6 months ago)
12 hrs 🤔🤔🤔
Dima b (6 months ago)
Interesting hehe
DikoMan (6 months ago)
That’s pretty much how they make them in China.
MK Parker (6 months ago)
Im doin but it feels like its not coming out right 😭😭😭😭
S.N. Madhavan (6 months ago)
can u give to list of materials
Jayna Marie Arsenault (6 months ago)
Marcus Lee (6 months ago)
why the needs to add potato starch to silicon? will those starch makes the compound prone to decay?
Lillian Swaim (6 months ago)
I'm oddly grateful for that bit of FYI at the end, it's shocking how many people assume chemical name= cancer.
Julian Paez (6 months ago)
Hi, 3:10 song? please.
Creative Videos & Vlogs (7 months ago)
Another russian dubbing diys. 😒
ورده الشمري (7 months ago)
حلو ..حاب اسوي مثله بس مافهمت شنو الخلطه وياه .؟الي فهم ممكن تعلمني .......شكرا
Hello gays
Alejandro Perez Morales (7 months ago)
Looks shite..
Ashwin Gowda (7 months ago)
4:00 "so Gays"
dimmu hakeem (7 months ago)
hello gays ? 😂😂
SoonKickedOff (7 months ago)
Hello gays!
Skvala Gaming (8 months ago)
Did he just called us GAYS?
Amira El Khoury (8 months ago)
Thank you so much
Gen Ius (8 months ago)
it's crap
Emily C (8 months ago)
Omg that's not even your voice
John Beaver (8 months ago)
Silicone is also good for when you have the shits. Good idea and video.
Cosmo John (8 months ago)
Why is starch required?
Fuzzy Duo (8 months ago)
that's a lot of work to make a $1 case.
Michael James (8 months ago)
How to dye this ?
Deepa Lahary (9 months ago)
where can i find silicone
chercheurdor1944 (9 months ago)
it gives ideas. thank you for the idea!
BEN TSAI (9 months ago)
That’s not silicon
Lidia Oua (9 months ago)
hello what !?? LAMO
justarandom girlhere (9 months ago)
Hello Gays?
KaTek (9 months ago)
Wow diy, like
mighty flea (9 months ago)
looks like shit lol
بنت بغداد (9 months ago)
Phil Allen (9 months ago)
Like it! And you can fix your leaking shower with the rest of the silicone! This at least shows you can still make things yourself in today's world (where lots of people in the West seem to have no practical skill at all). And you can make a case for almost anything like this - and put whatever colour dye you like in the mix. (I dont know why some clowns are pointing out you can buy mobile phone cases. So what?) Yo, Romanursuhack/Crazy Experimenter!
Marion Caffroy (10 months ago)
I tried this and idk wtf I could've done wrong but no matter how much I kneaded that shit just stuck to my gloves leaving basically nothing, no lie. So I was thinking maybe its too moist so I'd add more starch and then it would just get crumbly no matter how much I kneaded it.. Once I finally got a cosistancy that would kind of hold together I proceeded with rolling it out which was difficult as it would just stick to any and everything that it came into contact with. But I finally got it rolled out and wrapped around my phone at which point it kept cracking but I just went thru and smoothed out what I could but its been over a damn week and that shit just will not cure!!! Wtf could I have possibly done wrong I don't get it!! Its seriously pissing me off! Someone pls help me.. Tell me where I went wrong &/or how to fix it so I can try again!
SJP Bondservant (10 months ago)
could wheat flour work as a substitute for potato starch?
Wai Wai (10 months ago)
Just buy one very cheap
Jesse Krause Photography (10 months ago)
Or just buy one for A DOLLAR at the dollar store.
Scarf Guy (10 months ago)
Really nice, just what I was looking for
İlk başta tlfnu ters tutuyor😜
Christian Almayda (11 months ago)
You are dubbing
Chelsea Peterson (11 months ago)
Very bad lip reading. Was like I was watching a ninja flick.
Iki Sensen (11 months ago)
If you are using starch Won't it rot someday?
Jibril Nadela (11 months ago)
What happens when the silicone gets soaked in sweat?? I have an acidic sweat
Pratyush Kiran (11 months ago)
Instructions not clear... Phone got stuck in charger hole
jerry thompson (11 months ago)
4:00- so gays
Abhi Lakhotra (11 months ago)
Background music so awesome specially start of the video
Abhi Lakhotra (11 months ago)
What song u play in the start of the video can you tell me the music name....
Nutty Junno (11 months ago)
Jánosné Boros (11 months ago)
helló Gavs ?? ezt üzenem
Fluffy Unicorn (11 months ago)
0:09 he just calle all of us gay
GalaxyGirl 39 (11 months ago)
Hello *GAYS*
Keith Au (11 months ago)
Hello,my friend or buddy ,learned the tips or skills and make use of them in daily live,hard to find such a amazing info to make silicone case by easy material and never talked,mentioned or revealed in any textbooks.science books or magazine in libraries and finally remembered those tips and tricks at all.
creative name (11 months ago)
Kawaii Layway (1 year ago)
I have the same phone as u
MEOSH SYR (1 year ago)
ولا اروع😍😍😍
Abdulrahman Soliman (2 months ago)
Khalil M نشا بطاطس و صبغة لو عايز تلونه و م سليكون البيستخدم في البناء
محمد درمو (7 months ago)
+ورده الشمري تحت أمرك ياطيب
ورده الشمري (7 months ago)
+محمد درمو شكرا الك اخوي الغالي ....
محمد درمو (7 months ago)
+ورده الشمري potato starch نشأ البطاطس
ورده الشمري (7 months ago)
اي صح اني هم ما عرفت شنو ؟...
Ng Herman (1 year ago)
It is ugly
Danielle Sampson (1 year ago)
What grade sand paper did you use?
I dint use gloves it stick to my hand what to do hiw to remove dont know when u watch till than my hands will be free from them
Priyanshu Sharma (1 year ago)
Smell is so vinegary
Andree Markel (1 year ago)
I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.
simon Van Roij (1 year ago)
This is the worst lip syncing I've ever seen
simon Van Roij (1 year ago)
Lol hello gays 😂😑
lovew lovew (1 year ago)
واو الله الله
So gays! Where's the hole for the speaker ??
Tsuki (1 year ago)
Can we use silicone rubber to replace the silicone sealant?
Dailykilluminati (1 year ago)
Or buy one for 3.99
zuzu42 (1 year ago)
Laytex or silicone?

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