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Screamin Energy® Max Hit - Maximum Strength Energy Shot with Ginseng

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Screamin Energy® Max Hit® ginseng energy drink was created for hard working people that need a maximum strength energy boost. Our maximum strength formula is a simple yet highly effective blend of Ginseng, Caffeine and B Vitamins all in just 3/5 fluid ounce per serving. When you drink Screamin Energy® Max Hit® Ginseng Drink, you are taking one of the most effective energy drinks ever made. Ready-to-Drink straight from the pouch with no refrigeration required, it’s compact and convenient packaging allows Screamin Energy® Max Hit® Ginseng Drink to be easily carried with you wherever you go. Our eco-friendly, recyclable foil pouch is strong. The pouch can take up to 30lbs of pressure without bursting while using far less materials than a plastic bottle or aluminum can. You can feel comfortable with the small environmental impact of our packaging when compared to other products.
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Gemsix (1 year ago)
Pretty good!!

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