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Doug Stone - Why DIdn't I Think of That

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Doug Stone: Why didn't I think of that *I do not own this music and copyright infringement is not intended, video is only for entertainment.
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Text Comments (358)
jessica Bryant (13 days ago)
Love this song, but what is with with dick pic at 3:03?
Joseph Flake (1 month ago)
What’s up with the picture at the end?
Juliea De la cruz (1 month ago)
I wish my man thout of me like
Austin Jenkins (1 month ago)
Whats up with the penuis diagram at the end 2018
justin hardman (1 month ago)
Yea thats a dick at the end
Nikki Rae (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice the penis flash on the screen at the 3:03 timemark ... uhhhh im confused why is that there??
bridgette jenkins (2 months ago)
Heyyyy i saw that. 3 mins and 3 seconds.
Inferno Games (2 months ago)
Whats with the dick at the end
Michel Mathes (2 months ago)
angleton texas this friday sept 7th 2018
Jennifer Dijames (2 months ago)
Doug where have you been Bud?I haven't heard from you in years.
Linda Watson (2 months ago)
Good. Luck to our Prez DJT 45 as he drains the Swamp and jails the DeepState. pray.
Anne Markel (1 month ago)
Pray that he goes away.
Devon Dailey (2 months ago)
Love countrty... I heard it a long time ago i think lol dont remember it , but seen it , put it on , "loved it!" 👍
Leanne Gray (3 months ago)
He did til he cheated and betrayed me. Lied
Leanne Gray (3 months ago)
Why didn't you think of that
Cory Baker (3 months ago)
Jballs squirrel (3 months ago)
does anyone notice the diagram of the penis at the end
Rebecca Jewell (3 months ago)
Doug Stone Excellent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Eire Mac Aodhagain (4 months ago)
Lyrics are too slow
Cole Curry (4 months ago)
If you don't like the hard cock flashed at the end fuck you motherfuckin bitch asses it's a dick get the fuck over it
Kertified Gogetta0507 (5 months ago)
The memories this brings back...dam
3rd Coast MOB (5 months ago)
So uh anybody else notice the uh thing at the end.
MsChristiannoel (7 months ago)
Still loving 2018
Travis Klippel (7 months ago)
Song reminds every man of how he f***ed up!!!
RedRoo13 (7 months ago)
"It could've been different somehow,....if I'd known what I know now,.....Hmmm,......
Brent Fleming (8 months ago)
Very first song I learned tio sing, my wife was Japanese i hated country,!! when we devorced I loved and learened country, never gother or my dog back but now i do love sushi!!
roadblock36 (8 months ago)
will see him this weekend 3/17/18 clewiston florida.
The Truth (9 months ago)
Lol love the ending, why didn't I think of that
Ashley Dobson (10 months ago)
country music gets me everytime
Amanda Amanda (10 months ago)
I heard this song on IHeartRadio and I have to come on here so I can listen to this again. 😊 And guys nowadays needs to listen to this song because some guys just don't get relationships.
MrBlueSkyMrNight (2 months ago)
Please listen to my 80-90's COUNTRY MUSIC LIST and my LOVE SONGS music list. Lot's to learn.
Travis Little (10 months ago)
Lmao....loved the dick at the end
Jennifer Clements (11 months ago)
Thats why men should think about things before they let a woman they love go...seriously- how hard is it to show someone you love them and be good to them? A Woman who knows her value and worth wont settle for being treated like less than she deserves and she will ultimately leave and find a man willing to treat her like the precious gemstone she is. The man who treated her like crap will always regret it ...but you know what? If its meant to be, the man will shape up and do what it takes ...hopefully she doesnt have to leave him forever and move on in order for him to realize his mistake. Sad part is , some men need a reality check , and need to understand that they may actually lose the woman they took for granted..hopefully it wouldnt take her moving on to be with another guy to realize it, though. Women need to be treated like they are special and of value.
Jennifer Clements (1 month ago)
@Dragonfighter1p: its important you pray about it to make sure you are marrying the one God chose for you and not the one that you chose for you. of course you actually have to work at the relationship and choose the one that God chose for you, too . you tube search: 5 Keys To Identifying Your SoulMate - Touré Roberts . it might be long but its well worth watching. it helped me tremendously.
Jennifer Clements (1 month ago)
@kenneth14621: ok well, size matters . I don't know what to tell you lol i'm kidding... but I really just don't know what to say to that.
Kenneth14621 (1 month ago)
No it's because women chose men by the size of their penis and not their heart.
Buck a Buckler (1 month ago)
Jennifer Clements Fair point. In my opinion it really isn't easy to tell a person you love them, some people might disagree. In my opinion girls are just better at relationships then guys (depending on the girl of course) i am a fighter, i would rather die fighting, i cannot understand how anybody is comfortable with being romantic, my reason for enjoying fighting more then romance is because, if you tell a girl you love her and it's true, and you get married and have a kid, then she finds someone else, it'd make me feel like an idiot for telling her that in the first place, and i'd just go back to loving the idea of fighting, i don't like romance cause losing hurts allot more then it does in a fight, if some guys feel the same way, (which it wouldn't be surprising if that's the case) then here's yer answer.
Jennifer Clements (1 month ago)
+Buck a Buckler also... you maintain what you value. Do you take of your car? What happens if you dont ? It breakdowns and eventually stops running. A woman and relationships are the same way.
Brittenee (11 months ago)
I feel the same about my ex. I didn't treat him right and he was so good to me and just wonderful in general. I guess you live and you learn.
0896211523196131 2473 (11 months ago)
iwan fales michael jackson get away
Zachary scott Smith (1 year ago)
I am from North Carolina
Zachary scott Smith (1 year ago)
I was raised on country music like this song I am a southern country boy I play guitar and sing
Primrose Haran (1 year ago)
real country music love this song and love the singer beautiful
Tracy Smith (1 year ago)
What the fu*k is the dick pic for??
Dustin Madden (1 year ago)
Lol @ 3:02
Velina Welch (1 year ago)
What's with the image at the end?
Devilswarchild (1 year ago)
why the fuck is there a diagram of a penis at the end of this video? Are you some kind of pervert? nvm disregard...read the comment further down..
Jesse Buckley (1 year ago)
the guy who sends her roses and lines he composes, that would be me to my baby. I tell her I love her and that she's " the one" too, she is starting to fall in love with me, guys if you ever get the chance to romance your best friend and they are a lady do it, It is worth it and so is she, want her find a decent guy, date her and be that decent guy she deserves
Juanita Buron (1 year ago)
omg olli 672 q171 3478 567 82572
Diane Crawford (1 year ago)
Dancing to this!!❤️❤️❤️
Leslie Valentine (1 year ago)
I like the backstreet boys and Doug stone
Waylon KW (1 year ago)
dude thats hilarious. that final picture hahahaha. thats why. he was using the wrong head
jennifer noland (1 year ago)
ROTFLMAO!!! i bet At least 98percent of ya'll out there said the Same thing i did, "was that a penis/dick??!" Great Song & Thanks for the "Thowed Off"Laugh at the end!😂
Donna Whitt (1 year ago)
I agree,country music in its PURE form
Donna Whitt (1 year ago)
I agree,country music in its PURE form
Brittany McGregor (1 year ago)
I love my boyfriend so much I love you baby
Christina Jacobs (1 year ago)
I miss music like this. Country has gotten so Poppy. There are a few good artists who have a classic sound, though. Thanks for the video! It's great and love the endcap, haha.
Loca 4 Nailz (1 year ago)
reading all the comments at the end made me skip through the WHOLE VIDEO JUST TO SEE IT!! LMFAO.. Who else did that?? lol
Be Happy (1 year ago)
well shit
Zachary scott Smith (1 year ago)
I am a country boy I play guitar and sing I am writing songs
BadBubbles1205 (1 year ago)
why is there a penis at the end LMFAO , I'm sitting here chopping up peppers and I look over and seen a penis WTF lol
Suphian Rawahneh (7 months ago)
Hes a dick with emotion
dandj sheppard (1 year ago)
Were Better off in a pine box if it doesnt
David Stout (1 year ago)
ha ha ha, great song and total random ending lol, great stuff girly
Trent Hamby (1 year ago)
Why can't they write music like this anymore?
MrBlueSkyMrNight (2 months ago)
They don't know how...
Jesse Cooper (1 year ago)
Crystal Jett (2 years ago)
tonia stutes (2 years ago)
You must of been stoned Doug Stone. Wish my X could of used that excuse.....
Grizzlygaming88 (1 year ago)
tonia stutes reporting this comment due to drug reference
rebec gladden (2 years ago)
just a beautiful song
Kourtney Litchard (2 years ago)
this song makes my ex
ELLEON1959 (2 years ago)
Oh for fucks sake, did anyone have biology class in their life?   Politcal correctness is OUT OF FUCKING HAND..... LET'S END THIS SHIT WITH NEXT ERECTION, OH I MEAN ELECTION.....
James Williams (2 years ago)
Ha-Ha all of you hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christian Didgeridoo (2 years ago)
hahaha dude that was hilarious!! bravo!! well done sir...well done..
Jeremey Kimes (2 years ago)
i smoke marijuana
Patricia Jones (1 month ago)
bridgette jenkins (1 month ago)
Whats this.. confession time.
Jeremey Kimes (2 years ago)
I still owe destiny hope cyrus a birthday cake
Belt Stream-Dutra (2 years ago)
I love this song why didn't he think of that
Josh Montgomery (2 years ago)
Kimberly ann (2 years ago)
great song
David A Valdez (2 years ago)
Cody Ogden (1 year ago)
lol i like the song so i did https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=vN9JXytpteY saved itr watched it seen the dick and cut the song right before it
David Zedlav (2 years ago)
David Zedlav (2 years ago)
XXanimeseekerXX (2 years ago)
I wish they played songs like these on the radio now, I miss them. I don't much like the new music.
Josh Montgomery (2 years ago)
Brian Baptist (2 years ago)
why is video still up
michelle81477 (2 years ago)
Love it ..:-)
Jimmy Jackson (2 years ago)
I'm going out beat your bitch ass
sum12stupid4u (1 year ago)
You know, it's been a year, and ya still haven't beaten my ass yet! Been waiting this whole time. Even bought a new dress for the occasion cuz I was super excited about bitch-ass-kicking. What kinda guy doesn't show up when he says he's gonna come over and beat your bitch ass? For shame dude.
Charlene Robertson (2 years ago)
Um..... What's up with the penis at the end? Maybe they're saying the guy is a dick.
Soaptivated (2 years ago)
+Charlene Robertson Ya, I was taken aback a bit by it, but pretty sure you are 100% correct...lol.
Sondra Eacker (2 years ago)
ok so penis was a bit o a shocker....great song tho :)
Loretta Tillery (2 years ago)
Come on bitch lets dp this
Loretta Tillery (2 years ago)
Come on bitch lets dp this
aintgonnahappen (2 years ago)
What a nasty video. This person has an image of a penis at the end of this video; unbelievable. What a dork. I reported the video; let's see if they can do something good here.
Lee Bailor (4 months ago)
aintgonnahappen well the religitards will lose their shit But the rest of us got a laugh .
Anna Horn (8 months ago)
wow!! I'm glad I read this. I let youtube play a lot for the music (and scroll down to the comments) without watching the videos. i would have died if this was on my play list and my daughter saw that!
Soaptivated (2 years ago)
+aintgonnahappen Oh, and by the way, I am a devout, born again Christian - truly "born from above." I am a young earth Creationist, so I'm with you on the Darwin thing, which does't explain origins anyway. But the Illuminati thing? I don't get my theology from YouTube. Y'all Pentecostal? If so, that's where your error begins...
Soaptivated (2 years ago)
+aintgonnahappen Ah...I'm thinking the whole point of the penis at the end was to say that the guy singing the song realized he'd been "a dick," for lack of a better word. Take a chill pill, hon. There are for more expliotive and explicitly graphic vids here to get all riled up about. I mean really. This is an anatomical drawing. Had it been a photo of the real thing, YT would have pulled the vid for sure. Never had to take a health class in high school? Oh, my. Just shocking. Reality check: Penises exist. And so do "dicks."
Grim Reaper (2 years ago)
At first I thought I was seeing shit. haha
usamachinist (1 year ago)
Chris Boyer (2 years ago)
I have the flu. great song
jody pickett (2 years ago)
+Chris Boyer the flu sucks... this song rocks... though its country.... go figure...
Angel Allred (3 years ago)
K RDP (3 years ago)
are you gay? or is there a partictular reason why you have a tree at the end of the video? man America is a poor stupid gay country
sum12stupid4u (1 year ago)
I'm actually female. I know that must be really hard for a bigot to understand, but yes we females have been allowed to put on our shoes finally and learn to read, write, and even allowed to use computers.
K RDP (1 year ago)
from canada i thinkmore like from mexico
tejano151 (2 years ago)
+Cody Ogden you can't assume every mexican is illegal. from a texican.
Cody Ogden (2 years ago)
+Mercer Maddox how many trips to mexico do you make a day with your illegal immigrants? -from a canadian
Konner Kristoff (2 years ago)
+Mercer Maddox must runs lot cause u hade to cross the boarder
dave someone (3 years ago)
why didn't I kick the cat
MrChevyman161 (3 years ago)
My ex I would send bullets and then roses
Larry Cardwell (3 years ago)
haha..a Penis
Britt Dutton (2 years ago)
sum12stupid4u (3 years ago)
+Larry Cardwell haha.. weiners
lojoha72 (3 years ago)
Sorry weirdo. That last image was probly the creepiest I've seen in a while.  And to your brother?  Fix it, chic, and don't fuck up a good song.
Katrina LeFay (2 years ago)
LOL-You rock, Sum12stupid4u. Great come back. ;-)
Katrina LeFay (2 years ago)
The word "fuck" is just as offensive. If I had to choose between my kid seeing a body part or listen to vulgar language, I'd choose the body part. Just saying.
Ulthar W/thumbs (2 years ago)
+lojoha72 "Fix it, chic" LMAO Shocking no one has used the word spook yet. What a dick
sum12stupid4u (3 years ago)
+Loma Harris Yes, anatomical drawings of parts of the human body are one of the worst things facing society these days. Many people think that violence, abuse, sex crimes, hunger are issues we should be concerned about, but honestly it's anatomical penis drawings. Can you believe they're even in scientific material like health books that our middle school student see?! Unbelievable.
Tenderoni Cuellar (3 years ago)
Lmao why the dick pic?????
K RDP (3 years ago)
he gay bro
alworkedup (3 years ago)
This is what I love about country music: it expresses emotions such as regret honestly and openly.  This and Diamond Rio's In a Week or 2 say that you better act now or you're going to lose the most important thing in the world, your woman, and you'll regret it for a long, long time.  So true, so true...
Dark Ghost (3 years ago)
I did all this, but there are thing's i did wrong. And i lost her. I am changing my life, and hope one day i may get her back. Because i love her dearly.
Al Gardea (3 years ago)
Hey this is a good one right here!!!
Mitchell Jr (3 years ago)
I have Doug as a friend on Facebook he is a nice guy
Cassie Bloemendaal (3 years ago)
+Mitchell Jr that's cool
Stacey Canipe (3 years ago)
I dance with my daughters to this song its on my playlist its awesome.
Chris Boyer (2 years ago)
nice. dancing with Daughter is best and won't last forever. 😆
Wayne D (3 years ago)
Been there 
Luke Lindmeyer (3 years ago)
Song has slight stalker undertones throughout. 
Devansha55 (3 years ago)
I met Doug in person once. We had our picture taken together..........the flash didn't go off! Grrr. No matter how much his staff were rushing us through, he said "No...we need to take that over!"  The next shot took and came out great. He's a nice guy, not only a great entertainer.  Not many would have done that, most don't care. He did and I'll NEVER forget it!
Google User (26 days ago)
Bellamy Brothers stopped playing so I could get their picture when I was 9. I got knocked over and my fingers stepped on, they saw and immediately stopped and asked if I was ok. Posed for 5 Polaroids!!
Alexander Lykke (3 months ago)
You're a fucking hero!😂
Sherry Weaver (3 months ago)
Devansha55 Great singer and man!!! One of the most underrated country singers of all time!
Covyn (4 months ago)
Very cool of him to do & of you to share the story! James Taylor did the same thing for me. It's a warm feeling. Spread that humble love everywhere. Lord knows we all need it.
Sasha Blue (11 months ago)

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