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Secret Piano Battle Duel

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Piano Battle from "Secret". Part 3. Hi everyone, please don't message me for the piano score. I don't have the sheet music anymore sorry!
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Text Comments (104)
balotellisgirl (6 years ago)
stop laughing and get back to practice
I cy (6 years ago)
good effort gonna learn this ;)
crystal4kira (6 years ago)
I think the girl is better even if she has the score. It'd mean she's really good at sight reading. Both of them are awesome :)
Nicole Lee (7 years ago)
GUYS I NEED THE MUSIC SHEET OMG >< Please please please I'm so gonna do this with my friend.
OnRainyDays (8 years ago)
5 stars for the Spongebob T-Shirt ;D !
calliejean09 (8 years ago)
You both rocked my socks off! haha great job!!
dod cheng (8 years ago)
@timfey correction, its 2 pianos and 1 keyboard.....haha
hitosawa (8 years ago)
azn FTW
Taylor Heyman (8 years ago)
haha this was so cool. awesome job.
touxay559 (8 years ago)
nice jobs guys...probably the best video other than the original so far
jjianc (8 years ago)
@Tybu2585 >=(
bipolarbear24721 (8 years ago)
haha this was pretty impressive. but i must say the girl was better.lol but i read the comments below so i know jjianc didnt practice.lol nice job though. keep making videos.
DJ Jung (8 years ago)
Edward Pang (8 years ago)
nice job :)
hubert sugiri (8 years ago)
don't worry dude, you did well, from a piano pro =P
Julisa (9 years ago)
@jjianc we'll record another one...
jjianc (9 years ago)
LOL! These comments are so funny =) I'm the guy from this video! And yeah I admit I really did suck, I didn't practice nearly enough bahahah! But thanks for watching though =D
kawaii4u2 (9 years ago)
i didn't even the person on the very right! but amazing by the way!:)
tayumaru (9 years ago)
hey ! why didn't you wait a bit longer before recording this? it s****s
8rip8 (9 years ago)
The black thing in the left side, isnt it fourth piano? :D
Danny Huynh (9 years ago)
which one do you think is harder? primo or second? Pick a side and not middle =D
AnnoyingPlink (9 years ago)
Either your illiterate or your a dumbass.
Hiep Ha Le (9 years ago)
@jmevo ah, i played just FA-AD-DF thx .o))
AnnoyingPlink (9 years ago)
@Joint145 play an F -A- G chord. Then go whine about it.
Hiep Ha Le (9 years ago)
can you help me please ? how do you play right hand on 0:17 to 0:21 , I mean finger position
Chefodeath (9 years ago)
it sounded sloppy
Thee JDLA (9 years ago)
@ColorMeVicious: lol i want that link... hahaha
ColorMeVicious (9 years ago)
i know where the sheet music can be found u can comment me and ill send u the link.
Lofty Production (9 years ago)
This is the closest I've seen to it been replicated half decent. It's far from perfect but it's the best there is on youtube apart from the original. Good work.
Lofty Production (9 years ago)
@AznSoldierx lol
Kaine Hall (9 years ago)
awsome, i wish i could do that... mabie i could have one of your pianos :) or do you need all 3 haha ?
joshua hu (9 years ago)
i bet you i can, its not exactly difficult compared to them
David W (9 years ago)
Good job and does anyone know the name of the damn song...cause I haven't seen one person that knows the name of it
elephanttif (9 years ago)
even though u dont hav the sheet music would u mind telling me where u found it in the first place?
joshua hu (9 years ago)
unclear and too slow
darkeagle999 (9 years ago)
Very nice!
chopinjierong (9 years ago)
ITMSNIPER (9 years ago)
omg 3 pianos
conzomonzo (9 years ago)
lol some friend played this in our school music concert
shinobikakashihatake (9 years ago)
I agree...
chutpimp (9 years ago)
danggg nice
Icecream Zhang (9 years ago)
What song is this?
aaabbbccc5 (9 years ago)
kasonyaj1 (9 years ago)
is there a proper name for the song, i really want the score, been looking for it for awhile now
erosennin4203 (9 years ago)
Keyboardbeatz (9 years ago)
He was actually better considering he has no sheet music.
ricki san (9 years ago)
COOL!!! :D
Kaito1412 (9 years ago)
name please
starwarz phooney (9 years ago)
WOW! i forgive your mistakes plain yellow T's HAHA
lol productions (9 years ago)
It's awesome, but there are some wrong notes at the beginning...juz watch out for those.
Sue'sPIANO-music (9 years ago)
WOW!!! AWESOME!! like it^^
ezeella (10 years ago)
Very cool.
Anthony Pham (10 years ago)
you guys are so amazing. best cover i've seen so far! good job!
jealousjd (10 years ago)
lol, i guess it could be called "piano battle 3" but isn't this like jay chou's version of flight of the bumble bee?
Conrad Yu (10 years ago)
What's this song called?
The Antics of Q (10 years ago)
amazing :D :D :D
DxSepley (10 years ago)
Hmm, well he isn't too bad with that other song for two pianos..."Dragon Heel", I think it's called. He plays octaves really quickly, and that's impressive considering how long the melody drags on. I dunno, maybe I heard a different version, but the live version I heard was distinctly different from the movie version...for example, the ending chords (E-A) had some sort of...erm...glissando-sounding embellishment added on. A nice touch...
DxSepley (10 years ago)
Very good! This is the most accurate transcription of the song I've heard yet, except at 1:22 (where that one phrase "F-E-E flat" seems to have been repeated). Nicely done! Keep it up!
DxSepley (10 years ago)
Agreed, and very well said. I've tried many times to find the sheet music, and needless to say, I have failed spectacularly. And I agree with your point on the scale/chords at 0:16, but ah well, Jay himself didn't do much better. In the movie it doesn't show Yuhao doing it, it just cuts to the two guys going "Oh gosh Jay's screwed". And Jay's one-handed bit is also obviously faked.
LProcker9798 (10 years ago)
woahhh what is this site sir??
hong87k (10 years ago)
Impressive and stunnning! But not without room for improvement! Congrats and nice effort!
karlng888 (10 years ago)
Nice going guys! :) 5 stars! Your piano friend Karl ;)
veng98 (10 years ago)
are u chinese
purple3gem (10 years ago)
wooooooooooooo so good. u guys are fast! upload more vids please!!!!
Nina Lee (10 years ago)
holii crappp i couldn't breath while watchin this!!!! uhmazin
Rogue Claudia (10 years ago)
omg... ive been looking for the score for this song!!! :'( where can i get it?
David .Panda (10 years ago)
could you please post them somewhere and give a link?!?
Daniel Chan (10 years ago)
can i have a copy plz too!! thanks
ricki san (10 years ago)
marvelous!!!!!!!!!! im dying for the score!! so sad that you do not have it anymore..-_-
hannerdino (10 years ago)
lol btw its pace not paste XD but oh em gee very good playing on piano! awesommeee
Charles Yu (10 years ago)
nah he makes more mistakes...rofl
Charles Yu (10 years ago)
horrible...dude... the girl wins by a landslide.....
chinesewolfofmibu (10 years ago)
wow. my dreams are shattered. o_O;
Jayson Tan (10 years ago)
wowowwo !!!! nice ~~~~
bobble138 (10 years ago)
hat was greatttt!!! i was just wondering tho......what is this piece called? like....the actual name....so that maybe i can find the sheet music myself?
OuO (10 years ago)
that was AWESOMEEE!!!
Ghost Numbers (10 years ago)
awesome :D
Michael Tran (10 years ago)
AWESOME i want the sheet music so me and my friend can play that its soo wicked
Helen Luu (10 years ago)
wow im shocked that was soo good xD man i hope i can play liek that one day :]
fishmeatball (10 years ago)
yes i'm jeslous too la... and to have 2 ppl playing such good pieces in one house is so rare. i wish i could do that too. where did you get the score?
mistmv12 (10 years ago)
wow...you got three pianos o_0 I am very jeaous and both of you play very very well :)
wordup666 (10 years ago)
could you guys send me the score for this... that was awesome
MARY LI (10 years ago)
karasashanna (10 years ago)
yeah..i wonder too..they have 3 pianos in this vid..i'm jalous..hhaha
raiza ruiz (10 years ago)
oh man.. where can i get the sheets for this! puhleaseeee... =)
arielgal (10 years ago)
u have 3 piaos at ur house?
arielgal (10 years ago)
jjianc (10 years ago)
whoa we have 1800 views??? hahah sweet!! BTW i'm the guy playing in the video... bahahaha
Yaingy Chan (10 years ago)
Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Sooooo goooood!!! You both play soo amazingly!! LOL i've watched this for the like 5th time HAHA XD
solventlind (10 years ago)
can you please send me the piano sheet? please...
beee (10 years ago)
awesome. do you have the name of the piece or the piano sheets you could send me?
Cool-Dude (10 years ago)
can i get the sheet
EMMiiSHERE (11 years ago)
what is this song called?
Wei Sheng (11 years ago)
very very nice
Joe Fritz (11 years ago)
yo man where can i get the sheet music for this song?! plz plz plz =]
nice job guys keep going!
Jerry Denton (11 years ago)
In the live performance Yu Hao uses two hands. In the movie jay only uses his left hand (SPECIAL EFFECTS). THAT bit.
SwiftSilveriamge (11 years ago)
holy crap.... few wrong notes. But You guys are brave to attempt this song. Great job :D
Julisa (11 years ago)
..what upscale part?
wadevailike (11 years ago)
Really Cool!! =D Where did u guys get the scores?

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