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Star | Season 3 Episode 1 "Secrets & Lies" (RECAP)

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I'm so glad they incorporated the actor who plays Star's actual pregnancy... #Star Romie Reviews here, Please like, comment, subscribe! Follow me on: Twitter, Instagram @RomieReviews Facebook: Ray White Formally RomieOmni
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Shawnie Deward (6 months ago)
Ebony Tate (6 months ago)
i know the girl who play star is pregnant for real but on the show do star even know who her baby daddy is lol
Romie Reviews (6 months ago)
You know Star be Hoeing 😅😅😅
Shawnie Deward (6 months ago)
Cassie not Candace
Olympia Horton (6 months ago)
Nice glasses ❤️❤️
Romie Reviews (6 months ago)
Thank you!

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