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Rhapsody-EastWest Orchestra / Hollywood Strings / Piano - Cubase project very realistic performance

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All music on my channel is composed by myself, using Cubase, and a mix of samples, mainly EastWest Composer cloud. For the really upbeat finale, press here: 08:10
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Wojciech Celka (6 days ago)
Brillante composition congratulation!! ^_^
Esteban Oconor (1 month ago)
tolis gamer (2 months ago)
Very beautiful work.congratulations!
Andy Hardwick (5 months ago)
This is absolutely astonishing, on every level. I'm in awe!
Jan Linden (5 months ago)
Thank you :)
Benny Griswold (6 months ago)
Very nice!
Anthony Haden Salerno (6 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic work! Loved this piece. Does it have a title?
Jan Linden (6 months ago)
Cheers mate! Just Rhapsody ;)
OVERLY-RANDOM (7 months ago)
Nice, really nice. Bravo
Jan Linden (7 months ago)
F G (10 months ago)
what is the amount of time spent on a track like this? awesome work man! :)
Jan Linden (2 months ago)
I didn't study orchestration. I'm just hoping that whatever the simulation sounds like, is close enough to the real thing :)
Anthony Knight (3 months ago)
Did you also study formally for orchestration? And do you mind if I ask why you no longer have your music performed?
Jan Linden (10 months ago)
Masters in Composition. Although I now work in IT :)
F G (10 months ago)
Thx for the fast reply =) what is your musical education by the way?
Jan Linden (10 months ago)
Thanks. In the old days I used to use Finale and a sampler in the backend for simulation. That would take about 2 months for a track like this, for a score and all the parts. Nowadays, I don't expect to get it performed, so I don't bother with the notation software anymore. So on Cubase, this took 1 month.
Peter Solarius (10 months ago)
Very nice !
Noucatou (1 year ago)
This is just wonderful! I love your music and I'm always so happy when you release something new! I love the way you used the major 7 or 9 chords in this piece! Keep going! Develop your wonderful talent!
Jan Linden (1 year ago)
Kinoma Brothers-Thanks very much. Glad you liked it!

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