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Tour dates here: http://publicservicebroadcasting.net/the-race-for-space-tour-2015/ 'The Race For Space' is now available on: iTunes: http://found.ee/TheRaceForSpace-iT Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TheRaceForSpaceAMZ Official Store: http://store.publicservicebroadcasting.net Stream: http://publicservicebroadcasting.lnk.to/TheRaceForSpace Public Service Broadcasting unveil the video for the first single from their upcoming second album, 'The Race For Space'. A brassy, funk-heavy superhero theme song for the most famous man in the world at the time, ‘Gagarin’ reveals a new side to the band – not least their considerable dancing skills. Once again given access to newly acquired BFI footage, this time of the Soviet space race, PSB’s J. Willgoose, Esq. explained the rationale behind the song: “We didn’t want to be too literal in our interpretation of the material we were given – material that was full of heroic language and a sense of exuberance, with lines like ‘the hero who blazed the trail to the stars’, and ‘the whole world knew him and loved him’. It seemed more appropriate to try and re-create some of that triumphant air with a similarly upbeat song – and when it came to creating the video, the best way we could think of to communicate that sense of joy was to get our dancing shoes on.” Contains footage from 'Voyage to the Stars', '10 Years In Space', 'Man Remains on Earth', 'Man Returns from Space' & 'Red Moon', all BFI National Archive and used with kind permission Director: Alex Kemp Choreographer: Kieran Donovan Producer: Tony Powell Assistant Producer: Vijay Sisodia Director of Photography: Dominic Bartels Editor: Lucy Badger Grade: Joe Bicknell Sound Designer: Adam Smyth Production Designer: Amy Cooper Goodrich Camera Assist: Chris Starkey Steadicam: Jon Moy Projections: Gerred Blyth Graphic Designer: Leo Williamson Costume: Jenny Schwarz Commissioned with help of our friends at Radar Music Videos http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/home/about-us Click here to subscribe to Youtube channel: http://smarturl.it/PSBHQ UK - iTunes: http://bit.ly/11cHjJP Cargo Records: http://bit.ly/18G5um5 Order the CD / Vinyl / DVD from our online shop: http://www.musicglue.com/publicservicebroadcasting USA - iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/info... Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C24YFU8 Stream: http://smarturl.it/PSBstream Check out our official website: http://publicservicebroadcasting.net +1 on Google plus: http://plus.google.com/+PSBHQ Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PUBLICSERVICEBROADCASTING Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PSB_HQ Follow us on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/psbhq Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/psb_hq
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Text Comments (365)
jul moctezuma (1 day ago)
Esta Cancion Es Una Mierdaa
Pixeliarmus (7 days ago)
Who would dislike this?
Wronatsky (9 days ago)
Brilliant video <3
Kit Harrison (29 days ago)
Gagarin. That boy had the sheer fuckin balls to sit on thousands of tons of rocket fuel, about to be blasted literally off the face of the planet, as no human had ever been before, and simply shout 'LET'S GOOOOOO!' down the radio. A supreme example.
Kit Harrison (1 month ago)
I'd like to imagine that the first human to walk on Mars is currently bopping along to this video whilst doing their physics homework.
Chila Kasonde (2 months ago)
Those moves are out of this planet
Gagarin and all the space pioneers are true heroes of humanity. Glory to Yuri Gagarin.
julian Games (4 months ago)
Rupee Ave Ocampo (4 months ago)
9gag brought me here....
marauder15 (4 months ago)
That is pretty creative :D
farouk lotfi (4 months ago)
Every day you discover new thing with 9gag. Great
small foot (4 months ago)
Hell yeah
Tony Mottram (4 months ago)
Cristi Radu (4 months ago)
Prunariu !
alex korff (7 months ago)
PSBHQ it's the еnglish!? who would have thought! Thanks for the good music, thanks for Gagarin!
Glenn Powell (8 months ago)
No way those two pale English boys were in those suits dancing.  Nope.
Jay Toor (9 months ago)
I think I've found my wedding's first dance song.
Слава СССР!
Neanderthal Cave Becky (8 months ago)
Stop it with that devil script.
Vanusa Bastos (9 months ago)
Gabriela Ferreira
Ricky Hughes (10 months ago)
Happy birthday Yuri.
Jules Hammond (10 months ago)
This is inspring! Almost as much as my own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7BdYDKb-WM Check it out and weep. I listen to PSB in my car.Hope they do the samwe for me.
Dan Severns (10 months ago)
Why no credit given to the dancers?
Joanne Kemp (11 months ago)
NuclearSandwiches (1 year ago)
149 dislikes from the Flat Earth Society.
Bleblus (1 year ago)
Aww I love this
Gagarin is just a celebrity. Korolev and his team are the true heroes.
Alex Mag (1 year ago)
Пипец какое убожество. Это нужно было мастерить в семидесятые (много восьмидесятые) годы, тогда этот клип был бы в тему.
Sean Williams (1 year ago)
138 people are deaf.
Klaris Davis (1 year ago)
We need this song for Just Dance. I Just want to Dance to this song!
bohdan kiuneberh (1 year ago)
After seeing a music video like this you'll just _have_ to repeat same choreography 1:1, don't you?
Silly Ape Traditions (1 year ago)
Aaagghhh that baseline!!!! 😍
Glenn Powell (1 year ago)
That can't those two little English boys dancing like this.
K L F (1 year ago)
Concurso Arcadia (1 year ago)
What a rythm! Music, culture and history are an innovative and emancipating tandem: a laid-back but, if appropriate, winning bid. We are an academic interuniversity contest that encourages the selection of history and geography in Colombia and South America. We likes PBS.
S.H Kim (1 year ago)
This is masterpiece. Super.
Mark Bygrave (1 year ago)
Looks like a Chemical Brothers video
paul elliott (1 year ago)
Great band and interesting spacesuit moves It was a momentous time and he was an explorer and pushed unbelievable boundaries - a true Soviet hero along with the people that helped this occur
ARod016 (1 year ago)
In Soviet Russia, dance break you!
Colin Carr (1 year ago)
One of them went on to become The Stig
Idy Naseem (1 year ago)
@banthamlegend brought me here, amazing!
Max Scooterfan (1 year ago)
Glory to the first man who flew into open space !!!
bloergk (1 year ago)
I love you Yuri
Vitor Piovezam (1 year ago)
Remember 12 April, Gagarin THE FIRST !
RagazzoKZ (1 year ago)
Гагарин попросту лежал
Я надеюсь - это не переводимо. Юра-Космос наш!!!
Уроды!!! Не знают даже, кто 1-ый был в космосе. Гагарин Юрий Алексеевич. Запомните.
Leonid Belyaev (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if the flight was just a conspiracy or real, but this video makes me want to believe the latter
Ken Kemp (2 years ago)
Absolutely brilliant. I'm so glad I've found this series! Thank you!
Freakazette (2 years ago)
Dancing astronauts give me life <3<3<3
gl6503 (2 years ago)
Nogah Lerman (2 years ago)
Didn't know Doctor Who has a band...
DragonPhobia (2 years ago)
Bugget Noxes (2 years ago)
best song on the entire album
Steve evetS (2 years ago)
hmm...I dunno I love em all! (Except Sputnik, I don't hate it, just does't have the same energy as the rest)
DroxOverdose (2 years ago)
Agree with you
Alistair Shaw (2 years ago)
Tomorrow has grown on me
AGH331 (2 years ago)
Tied with 'Go!'.
zzpza (2 years ago)
I love it... Space suits and tennis shoes! XD
Martin H Emes (2 years ago)
Hi PSB fans, I made a track inspired quite a bit by their sound, please check it out on my channel. It's called Musicality, it has vocal samples reflecting on the positive effect music has on the world.
bagus adi (2 years ago)
Liutprand D. Drang (2 years ago)
I can't stop listening to this song
Charles H (2 years ago)
these boys can dance ...
Tommy C (2 years ago)
For all and I do mean ALL of humankind, a cool and decisive epoch writes its name- with the Vostok spacecraft. And Yuri Gagarin: Millions turned out to meet him- and the BBC virtually ignored the many events.
FinRanomness (2 years ago)
Govorit Moskva!
Elman Agaev (2 years ago)
affinity brought me here great track as well as album!
AGH331 (2 years ago)
YES! That trailer is amazing, both the choice of music and the cut.
NorrisTheSpider (2 years ago)
Oh no, they're aggressively dancing at us!
Steve evetS (2 years ago)
Alright here's the 411 folks, say some "Gangsta" Is trying to diss your fly girl. Well just give em one of these
Stol Theds (2 years ago)
55 years !
El' kerym (2 years ago)
Mariel Angeline (2 years ago)
We were dancing to this
Sean Kinsey (2 years ago)
Uh, moonwalk?
Benoits Michel (2 years ago)
des petits génies de l'electro
Nestor Pigrounet (2 years ago)
c'est du funk rock ;-)
Richard Kyle (2 years ago)
educate inform entertain
Nathaniel Hornblower (2 years ago)
Got my PSB albums signed at a gig last year, thoroughly nice chaps they are too.
Marquo Tellurico (2 years ago)
Guess: how many times did dancers put on / take off helmet during the shooting of this?
NicoC (2 years ago)
binocularfilms (2 years ago)
we also bought those space suits from space toys .com but they sent us the wrong size and it was missing pieces! they never corrected it and have since blocked us. horrible costumer service! great video though!
AGH331 (2 years ago)
And what does it have to do with that song? Who the hell is supposed to care?"
Chrasion (2 years ago)
This is so catchy, I can't even...
Patricia Hobson (2 years ago)
I cannot stop playing this CD, it makes the hair stand up on my head. WOnderful it is amazing :)
Wrecekrzepki (1 year ago)
This incredible tension in "The other side" and the passionate energy in "Go!". Such an amazing celebration of human endaevour!
Kelvin Foote (2 years ago)
+Patricia Hobson Yes it's excellent stuff. You may also like The Egg, who do similar stuff- A bit less sample driven with vocals on some of their tracks. Check out 'Ben Hur' ,'Nothing' and 'She's Terrific' to start with. Also the classic 'Give 'em Whisky' by Colourbox is a must for spoken sample lovers. So influential.
Rafael Kloss (2 years ago)
+Patricia Hobson nice Patricia, mee too !!!
d'grassed (3 years ago)
Major Gagarin Yuri, Alekseyevich
BAGEANthelive (1 year ago)
Primordial Soup - Он это сделал за 108 минут полёта. ;)
Евгений (2 years ago)
It is believed that before start Gagarin was senior lieutenant and after landing immediately got promoted to major, thus skipping rank of captain.
77777774444 (2 years ago)
Ю́рий Алексе́евич Гага́рин
miguel alves (3 years ago)
+TheMinerBossPC always fucking outloud xD
Andrea Martin (3 years ago)
2:09 I want to jump like that!
Yue Wang (3 years ago)
Wonderful, I like the dance!
Shubham Bhushan (3 years ago)
Can someone explain the starting radio broadcast which sounds like "Bavarisch Moskava" i assume it means this is Moscow?
Dimitry Pyshkin (2 years ago)
"Govorit Moskva!" - "Moscow speaking!"
Christopher Knorr (3 years ago)
+Shubham Bhushan "This is Moscow. This is Moscow calling." It's the original Russian that's being translated by the English interpreter that we hear a moment later.
Jessica-Jane Carr (3 years ago)
I literally heard one minute of this in HMV earlier and asked someone at the till what it was - I wanted to listen to more of it. So goood..
Unarmed Olive (3 years ago)
bbc music brought me here
Planetar (3 years ago)
Ok now I have this idea: Two astronouts doing this dance on the Moon for REAL! Can you imagine how high they would jump and make those acrobatics moves there? It would be awesome to watch.
Fl0ep (2 years ago)
+Planetar I would be affraid on of the astronauts damaging their suit.
Alistair Shaw (3 years ago)
I hope, but I know it isn't, that the dancers are actually PSB.
syarief fariz (2 years ago)
they are them, from the behind the scenes anyway
James Camien McGuiggan (3 years ago)
+Alistair Shaw I'm guessing they're switching between professional dancers and PSB. Some bits are sloppy, some wonderful.
Harry Tanner (3 years ago)
+Alistair Shaw When paused at 2:54 it looks like the tall one may be wearing glasses. Also, if it isn't them you could assume that they would have hired dancers. Although the dancing is impressive, the synchronisation is a bit sloppy for professional dancers, so that makes me think that it IS them, and that they're just pretty good dancers.
Matthew (3 years ago)
It IS them though...
Fartman5166 (3 years ago)
I just love everything about this video, from the music to the dancing, but especially the subject matter! How long did it take to make this?
antontonybekker (3 years ago)
I can't get this out of my head now
johan_kontant (3 years ago)
Reminds me of another song about gagarin
CapnChapster (3 years ago)
Great to see a real hero being celebrated!
Geoff (1 year ago)
CapnChapster *Russian anthem plays*
L Cp (3 years ago)
Little inaccuracy here is that Gargarin flew a Vostok mission all of which were one man missions as opposed to Voshkod which in psb's case they'd be destined to be on.
Jan Mikicki (3 years ago)
I love you guys so much!
schel sullivan (3 years ago)
My life is complete, I can die in peace now.
Thomes Maisling (7 months ago)
U still alive?
schel sullivan (3 years ago)
This is badass.
Dominik Roszkowski (3 years ago)
I've just came here from Objectivity #32
Kevin Thorpe (3 years ago)
Baikonur. Tick
peterstrauss88 (3 years ago)
xenig ron (3 years ago)
Very DISCO-FUNK sound,they should hire a GOOD melodic vocalist
Olschoolgamer (3 years ago)
+xenig ron Wouldn't be the same.To me the appeal is the use of the old newsreel and PSA announcer.
carl woods (3 years ago)
Am not sure if I like it or not it just different
Este es mi tema favorito del "The race for space" la musica esta buena, ademas de que es un homenaje al gran Yuri Gagarin (Hijo de campesinos sovieticos y el primer hombre en llegar al espacio exterior)
Zidane Ilyas33 (3 years ago)
Gagarin was a great man.
Artem Bykov (3 years ago)
Thx a lot. Deserves more views...
Andrés Rock (3 years ago)
MrDiache (3 years ago)
I just found out that they both did the dancing to!, you can watch them in the behind the scenes video lol

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