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Maximum Energy Fills (Producer Tools)

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https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/maximum-energy-fills Add some energy to your tracks with this huge folder of drag and drop fill loops! - All loops are tempo-synced to drop seamlessly into your next big track - Build your own unique fills by chopping, mixing and layering different loops - Loops are categorized into Snare, Kick, Breakbeat, FX, Sweeps and more! - A 'layered fills' category to show you how fat the fills can be when combined - Over 120 different loop elements to get creative with! Specifications: 127 High Quality Wav Files 45.3MB's (Zipped) Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rewiredrecordsuk Listen to our latest music on our Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rewiredrecordsuk -or- Check out our official website and online store: www.rewiredrecords.co.uk
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