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Making a Manly Mans Cell Phone Holder | and a Goat how to

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Visit Filter Buy and save 5% when you sign up for a subscription http://bit.ly/izzy-filterbuy Some times boys will be boys and men will tell dad jokes. I had a had a problem and I fixed it, like a man. I needed a better way to hold my cell phone so I headed out to the woodworking shop and built a super manly cell phone holder.
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The Poor Conservative (19 days ago)
That's pretty funny,. Especially the goats
Kevin Coates (21 days ago)
Where’s the cup holder?
Robert Partridge (25 days ago)
As usual Izzy, very entertaining. I wonder how many viewers got the "Tom Bodett" reference. (I miss Tom. Thanks for bringing him back, Izzy). Keep on keepin' on.
Ron Hutcheon (29 days ago)
Excellent Vid.. I just bought a band saw after Years of putting it off.. You tube will be a godsend for me
mati (1 month ago)
Feeling manlier just from watching.
Georgw Marhevka (1 month ago)
What is that countersink bit u r using?
Mike Courteau (2 months ago)
Izzy, you're losing it I think!
Art T. (2 months ago)
“I like that go button!” Haha 😂 such a good video and narration!
Your daughter is really pretty ♡
Lol Nice Izzymercial! 🥳
Jackman Works (2 months ago)
Now that's some plywood!
Samuel Keller (2 months ago)
It's not often I subscribe to somebody after watching just two of their videos.. very good content
Tracy K (2 months ago)
Annie Lariviere (2 months ago)
Had a bbq pit boys feel to this vid lol and ITS GOOD
Matthew Carpenter (2 months ago)
Dude!? Check your Instagram. I sent you a message that I would love for you to see. thank you for teaching!
Paul LaTerra (2 months ago)
Hilarious... love the vid. Way more complicated than I would need but...its all about the build. Great job!
Jack Laws (2 months ago)
I liked the Sam Elliott voice and the GOATs! Gotta get some!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
Pablo Tonda (2 months ago)
Recently was exposed to your channel and thanks.for your great Ideas and tips. Deep inside I hate you (envy) you make everything look so damm easy to do. I guess its not your first rodeo and someday I hope to be half as skilled. Keep it up and thanks again
Mexie Mex (2 months ago)
Got to admit I have also looked into where I can get myotonic goats before.
aqib2000 (2 months ago)
“MANLY? Where was the welder?
Paulina Paulino (2 months ago)
Men. :)
chris hogan (2 months ago)
Awesome last video, Izzy!
izzy swan (2 months ago)
lol thanks
Jk Canvas (2 months ago)
Thank you Izzy for the monring chuckle. Great video. Only thing that would have made this more manly would have been making it out of steel. =)
David Nachtmann (2 months ago)
Great video! Lots of chuckles through the video! VERY manly!! lol
Brion Hall (2 months ago)
I love that this whole video was narrated like an episode of the Duke's of Hazzard.
Trent Stephens (2 months ago)
This is great. My wife actually watched a whole YouTube video with me, and you had her laughing quite often. "Who is this guy?" Came out a few times. Lol
izzy swan (2 months ago)
did you tell her just some crazy redneck?hahahah
Craig Sudman (2 months ago)
Ummm, curried goat sounds good.
WhoDatBe Dare (2 months ago)
Great fun video! Thanks! This wold be great for an iPad stand as well. Maybe a laptop stand? Might need to be weighted. Good to see your still producing and having fun and making fun.
Joe Romanak (2 months ago)
I always like your videos but the narrative on this one made it special. I’m gonna build me one, as soon as I watch me one more YouTube ... who am I kidding, I’m never getting anything done again. How’s your goat working out? Mine is a real drop-n-skid superstar! 😎👍
Peter Lee (2 months ago)
A Man Card drawn up with pink crayon.......very manly.
TeddyBear DIY (2 months ago)
Huh? What? Whats that ummmm.... black grass doing on your head???
Clifford Davis (2 months ago)
Worried about scratching the floor and getting in trouble? Who wears the pants in that house? In my house ... I wear the pants ... when my wife's not around. Great vid!
Cross Cut Creations (2 months ago)
Haha! I love the project, but love the voice over even more. Great work, Izzy!
Bill Wheaton (2 months ago)
Be real real careful about using such a manly magnet near your cell phone. It can adversely affect it, screw with the memory. screw with the location detector.
Godshole (2 months ago)
I kept goats once. If , and I know this first hand, you ran at my goats, they would rise up on their back legs and headbutt you clean into next week.
Chris Barrett (2 months ago)
Sooo, female friendly? Lol brilliant video.
Thatone Dude (2 months ago)
Articulating arms are where it's at.
Allan Kellar (2 months ago)
You are one crazy safe dude.lm the same way around my equipment I enjoy your videos.thanks
A CYNWRIG (2 months ago)
Cool build, but I was under the impression that strong magnets can really mess up electronics (specifically screens on things like cell phones and laptops)...
Kirby Johnson (2 months ago)
Such a fun video. Good work!
jack ervin (2 months ago)
I always love your videos, but this one was flipping hilarious! From the “manly” deep voice to all the “manly” things you did in the video, bravo 👏🏻 keep’em coming Izzy!
Bill Carroll (2 months ago)
Manliest video making a holder to watch goats get the fertiliser pebbles scared out of them! 😂😂bwahahahahahaha😂😂
James Chartier (2 months ago)
LOL A classic example of over engineering Izzy, awesome!!!
Spencer Bass (2 months ago)
Good video.
Corvus Laborat (2 months ago)
Great !! You inspired me to built my own. Greetings from Germany
Darren Healey (2 months ago)
LOL. I don't need a cell phone holder like that, but I guess I should build one, because its manly. And I don't have a CNC machine, so I guess I'll have to chop down a tree.
Kris s (2 months ago)
LOL, Hopefully you didn't stuck under table saw forever!
John Williamson (2 months ago)
hobitt84 (2 months ago)
Lol.... Had a lot of fun watching. Tnx.
Emile Bourbeau (2 months ago)
Thank god someone else rocks brittney in the shop too!!!!!
Paul Richmond (2 months ago)
Izzy, you’re a hoot!
Bob Packard (2 months ago)
I had to replay that first bit a few times, Iz, because at first, I was positive you said you sat around and choked the chicken.
garagemonkeysan (2 months ago)
Nice story telling. Great project. :)
mark raffaele (2 months ago)
loved it izzy
E Caff (2 months ago)
Your a Genius. Also, you are too funny. Excellent video, jokes, and process. Thanks for sharing. I don't own a CNC but I do enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work.
Jack Larson (2 months ago)
real men dont use CNC machines.., they use their TEETH!!
Bonnie Barber (2 months ago)
So much manlyness in this that I started to grow a beard! Haha great video MAN!!
Jarrett Hall (2 months ago)
I’m loving your Tom Bodett voice-over.
Warren Van Nuil (2 months ago)
Love the goats
John Penny (2 months ago)
Great stuff Izzy - proof that U.S.A. and English really CAN collide and work together. Love it!!
KY Cornbread (2 months ago)
Hey Uncle Izzy, where'd get the little metal cutting band saw, it's almost cute as, well I wanna say your chicken but not get weird, any how that's something manly men should own.
BossmanEight (2 months ago)
Izzy, I worry about you sometimes.
David Dietz (2 months ago)
Anything over engineered is manly
Costin Mocanu (2 months ago)
Juliet Phillips (2 months ago)
You are extra funny today. And the accent is extra 'cowboyish". I guess it makes it all 'manly".
Dustin Albright (2 months ago)
Mat H (2 months ago)
Love it!
Jon Perez (2 months ago)
EDGE everyday (2 months ago)
I love the videos keep them coming I love unnecessary stuff. Have a nice day
Ondrej Janovec (2 months ago)
Good job.
Benjamin McCaleb (2 months ago)
How do you like the battery nail guns I have considered buying them but not sure about the weight
Thomas Mascio (2 months ago)
Great video! It was hard trying not to laugh because I was doing the manly thing and watching it at work
Johnnie Whinery (2 months ago)
Billy Burt (2 months ago)
Hilarious! Cool build, but hilarious! Billy
Matthew Connors (2 months ago)
Probably the most manly thing that I have seen all day
A Cadoux (2 months ago)
Waow ! would have a same CNC !! cheers from France !
Daniel Taylor (2 months ago)
Izzy you're the man!
barry spaulding (2 months ago)
AWESOME VID IZZY im still laughing but the wife said stop its not manly she said. cheers mate
wheelfu (2 months ago)
Fertilizer pebbles, haha. Best description ever. This format was great, laughed so much. Great build too.
Geno Merci (2 months ago)
I've got to add a voice of dissent here: This isn't manly, it's just the first stage of puberty. For true manliness, you've got to delve deep into the tech toy fetish and combine it with your woodworking. Your cellphone is cute but it can be used to stream to a 40" 4k smart TV, so you'll need to build a new stand for that. Make sure it folds away easily for storage, I'm sure your house could use more gray boxes in the corner to combat the breeding of corner desks with doilies that infests every house as wives age. Next you've got to cut the cord, because one key to manliness is laziness exercised in the great tradition of Rube Goldberg. Your stand will have to be modified to fit a UPS and you'll need to manufacture wireless charging devices. For every room in your house. Now is when you install casters on your TV stand. Or a stripped down RC car. Your choice. Lastly you're going to need some noise cancelling headphones to go with the setup, because your wife is going to complain loudly about you using half the wall sockets in the house. Don't worry though, you've planned for this. Take your TV stand to the bathroom and turn the shower on, the headphones and wireless chargers will take care of the rest.
Mr Tyler (2 months ago)
Loks like something you can display right beside your man-gina
Alias KaSiin (2 months ago)
😁😁 very manly video! The build was great too! Btw I think its the first time ever I see you without your trademark hat and see your hair! Nice hair
Gib Clark (2 months ago)
No gardening......unsubbed.....👍👍👍👍
izzy swan (2 months ago)
John Dunn (2 months ago)
Love your sense of humor. Funniest video ever. Think I will devote the week to manly woodworking.
Huw Davies (2 months ago)
Heath Robinson would have been proud of you Izzy. That is as you said probably the best thing you have made and as others have said your accent made me laugh. In a manly way of course. Cheers, Huw
Craig Chingren-Hamann (2 months ago)
Man... I bet you get all the "Chicks" with that stroking your chicken bit...
Brian Wood (2 months ago)
You're Awesome with a capital "A", Izzy! It's good to see you back in form again. A random memory from the "old" Izzy; I was really impressed by your "random act of kindness", when you scored some nice seasoned hardwood from your father-in-law, and you built a bench and gave it away anonymously. You said it was a tradition in your family. When you get your new shop set up, how about doing another one? It's a fantastic tradition and I would like to see it catch on.
Randall Nelson. (2 months ago)
I'm a manly man in a manly shop doing manly things in a manly way with other men and I still say cnc isn't wood working. It's computer working. Otherwise you couldn't stroke your chicken while using it.
Doug Brien (2 months ago)
Good fun Izzy!
Javier Estrada (2 months ago)
Ahem, it is not manly unless you build it with just a hammer, nails and a chainsaw.
James (2 months ago)
You had me at "and a Goat"!
40 Drawers (2 months ago)
Hot damn! That, sir, might be one of the manilest video ever made! Being Scandinavian, I must say though that straight lines and angles (preferably in birch) is possibly even manlier than curves... Hmm, or are they... I might have to go and meditate on this in the sauna...
Meticularius (2 months ago)
3/4/2019 USA Izzy, you are my favorite crazed wood worker in the world.
izzy swan (2 months ago)
TheHuizenre (2 months ago)
Great video, the voice over makes it even better! I especially like this idea because a cell phone holder that strong will also be capable of holding up a tablet, a laptop and maybe even a TV. I like the originality and sometimes somewhat weirdness of your projects! I'm gonna give it a try and build one myself, although I'm not that manly that I have a CNC to cut out the parts, but instead I have much longer screws than you have :-)
uKNOWuLIKE that (2 months ago)
to be honest, the stroking your chicken caught me off guard. :)
oojagapivy (2 months ago)
I felt my beard trying to grow back in during this, cos it's manly. Alas, I've decided to keep my face clean shaven for now, because scraping a series of sharp metal objects across your face every morning is tough and the manly thing to do.
Andy Birkey (2 months ago)
izzy swan (2 months ago)
Love you Birkey!
Allan H (2 months ago)
Now that's one hell-of-a mobile phone holder! Not sure if it'll be a big seller. I'm thinking that you couldn't fit too many of those in the average house but the video and laughs you gave me made my day. let me know where to pick up the Goats from. Allan
Michael Sherman (2 months ago)
Haha! Funny.....wait, is it manly to laugh?
Francis Buil (2 months ago)
Excellent !!! 👍

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