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GunSkins Phone Skin DIY Install Tutorial for iphone 5/6 Magpul Field Case

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GunSkins Phone Skin kits are, unfortunately, no longer available. However, we still have plenty of other great vinyl wraps for your firearms, magazines, and other gear at: https://www.gunskins.com. We recommend using a generic Scope Skin or Mag Skin to wrap your phone case with instead.
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Text Comments (68)
Azi Twist (3 days ago)
You majke it look easy
GunSkins (2 days ago)
It's really not that difficult. Like anything, you'll need to get comfortable with the material, but that happens pretty quickly. Also, using a heat gun versus a torch gives you a much higher margin of error -- we use a torch simply because it's fast!
Nikola Lalosevic (1 month ago)
Why you don't make skull 💀💀💀
Skull Case (1 month ago)
more phone cases can be found skullphonecase com
team 008 (4 months ago)
Nishi Kukreti (5 months ago)
It just looks COOL
Ranjuth Ranju (7 months ago)
ABHISHEK SINHA (8 months ago)
Fantastic Video
Manu Manoos (8 months ago)
I want a sticker like that
what nonsense
GunSkins (9 months ago)
Our thoughts exactly. That's why we've discontinued these years ago!
rakesh kumar (10 months ago)
Behen ka Laura
hemant joshi (10 months ago)
From where we buy this ☺☺☺
GunSkins (10 months ago)
Sorry, Phone Skins are no longer available.
jaiden gill jp (10 months ago)
Where can i get those stickers any website
GunSkins (10 months ago)
Sorry, Phone Skins are no longer available.
Kausar Shibly (11 months ago)
Kausar Shibly (11 months ago)
wow I love it
Haider Mawji (11 months ago)
GunSkins.. Please make a tutorial on how to make a cool phone skin for the Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018) 8.0 (Oreo) which just released. I will subscribe to your channel and tell my other friends. Please i need a skin. Thank you
GunSkins (11 months ago)
If only we could produce Phone Skin templates as frequently as phone models upgrade from one to the next big thing. That's one of the reasons we discontinued the Phone Skins. We're sticking to guns, which are much more modular.
SL Phone Geek (1 year ago)
Aman Shah (1 year ago)
Is there any for letv mobile
Android Gamer (1 year ago)
Lewdbox UwU (1 year ago)
I literary sneezed as the bullet was shooted. :3
Sanu Ehsan (1 year ago)
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice
areesha malik (1 year ago)
where do you find those stickers
GunSkins (1 year ago)
GunSkins Phone Skins are discontinued and no longer available anywhere. They were a limited edition product.
Sezgin Aaa (1 year ago)
bayrağınıza sokam
MikedeNooijer (1 year ago)
what do you spray on your cover for the stickers where can I buy it?
GunSkins (1 year ago)
We used FrogLube Solvent to clean the surface so that the vinyl will stick without any dirt or oil getting in the way. Our Phone Skins are discontinued and not available anywhere. Otherwise, we offer kits for firearms and tactical accessories.
Shawn Jones (1 year ago)
Its quite telling all the "reviews" of skins are simply the product pushers. One simply assumes a sticker comes off in a week. With the search results it looks like makers of these skins must be suing google for copyright infringement when they do a real review.
GunSkins (1 year ago)
Find our products on Amazon and there are plenty of reviews, both positive and negative from verified purchases. We have not paid for any review for our products, on YouTube or anywhere else. Almost every time someone experiences a lack of adhesion, the cause is almost always inadequate prepping of the surface. Vinyl won't stick if there is oil or grease on the gun, and new guns come especially lubricated.
Z H A N (1 year ago)
Only iPhone can use this design?
Shawn Jones (1 year ago)
Im wondering what apple users are smart enough to install stickers xD
GunSkins (1 year ago)
We developed our templates for the iPhone, but have successfully installed them on a Samsung Galaxy and more. The camera cut-outs do not need to be removed and you may trim however necessary to make it fit pretty much any phone case. The exception, of course, is for the larger phones where there simply isn't enough material to cover the entire surface.
نار 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
regin adajar (1 year ago)
do u have 1 for 6 plus? so u prefer C.O.D?
Tony Almhanna (1 year ago)
Tamzan Du Plessis (2 years ago)
what material is this ??
GunSkins (1 year ago)
Laminate Matte Finish Vinyl Adhesive.
Paulo Do Grau (2 years ago)
vai da o cu
冬Kamui (1 year ago)
BR e foda
Ashwini sharma (2 years ago)
very nice and cool
Maksymilian Dtożdż (2 years ago)
000 111 (2 years ago)
هاي شنو يا خره
000 111 😓😓😓😓
some guy (2 years ago)
shit, that's a good job.
أش في
Nicholas 2025 (2 years ago)
Is there one for the IPhone 6s Plus?
GunSkins (2 years ago)
No, at this time we do not. I suggest using a Scope Skin to wrap the larger iphone 6 plus. It's only $2 more and comes with much more material. Will require custom trimming to fit.
Messiah (2 years ago)
do you have any layout for the sticker???
GunSkins (2 years ago)
Hit up the Phone Skin product page to see the template: bit.ly/phone-skin
Taha Rouf (3 years ago)
Apply it to your phone next time
Shbham Patil (1 year ago)
CrazYeFaZe 0
GunSkins (2 years ago)
+moura magdy Having trouble installing the Phone Skin?
moura magdy (2 years ago)
ooooommmmgggg! how did you this case bra
GunSkins (3 years ago)
+Taha rouf That's right, the pieces should fit nicely on the phone itself, some trimming required.
MrCooper18 (3 years ago)
Ok thank you
MrCooper18 (3 years ago)
Is this just for iPhone?
GunSkins (2 years ago)
+Ashly Lobrigo Phone Skins can be found here: https://www.gunskins.com/products/phone-skin
Ashly Lobrigo (2 years ago)
hey,where are you buying your sticker,just relply me to get me information
PartisanRockTactical (2 years ago)
+GunSkins Good call. thank you
GunSkins (2 years ago)
The kit comes with enough material. It can be done if you peel all of the material and custom trim to fit the Samsung camera and ports.
PartisanRockTactical (2 years ago)
Ahh bummer. I was hoping Samsung Galaxy S7 would be available.
MrCooper18 (3 years ago)
Will this work for iPhone 6 Plus cases?
Rick Dunn (3 years ago)
+MrHacker-CFW No it is cut to fit the smaller 6/6s cases.

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