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Priyanka Chopra at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood

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Priyanka Chopra at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood https://wowcelebritytv.com https://twitter.com/wowcelebritytv Thanks for watching, please subscribe to our channel to keep it growing!
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Text Comments (40)
Paul Walker (5 months ago)
Crazy media
Paul Walker (5 months ago)
Pc is amazing 😍😙😘😚
kenpi ngomdir (6 months ago)
Always Love u pc
Ejatu Barrie (11 months ago)
Priyanka you are the most successful actress in the world, love so much world dear
Ashrida Jesmin (1 year ago)
i love prianka
Bapi Mandal (1 year ago)
Herena Fozan (1 year ago)
love u pc
Ravel Abraham (1 year ago)
Ravel Abraham (1 year ago)
Love Thapa (1 year ago)
media behave like animals
Dilan Khangebam (1 year ago)
she pour so well
Believe In Magic (1 year ago)
Mr. Pink LOL!
Rahul Dabas (1 year ago)
is she in america?? wow look at people crowding her 😂
John Nash (1 year ago)
She's stunning
Indiancrab (1 year ago)
good pussy
sinnerpeace (1 year ago)
Man what patience she has crazzy media ..yeesh
aceaceshuk (1 year ago)
$$$$ whores
es xz (1 year ago)
she is so pretty
Divya Singh (1 year ago)
abc xyz (1 year ago)
very talented miss world
Suza k (1 year ago)
talented miss world
vijay SHARMA (2 years ago)
She is so cute and confident girl I have ever seen
Pallavi Nayak (2 years ago)
ah....so much crazze...i say dats PeeCee... LOVE HER SOO MUCH
Mohammed Mohammed (2 years ago)
yes Hi
She didn't wash her hands 😝
ramya ranganath (2 years ago)
you've gotta have bananas
arjun rai (3 years ago)
5:16 is that guy saying isis way pc ?
+arjun rai eyes this way pc
lianding puii (3 years ago)
she is beautiful.......great
sketch (3 years ago)
this is priyanka chopra, former 2000 miss world, Bollywood actress, international pop singer, starred in walt Disney animated movie planes, a model and a dancer.
sketch (2 years ago)
lawser L you right. 
Lawser L (2 years ago)
+sketch and miss India too
asma rahman (2 years ago)
Pankaj Setia (3 years ago)
Love it Pc
NM7 (3 years ago)
These people are crazy, how many images do you need a one hot girl???
gou sang (5 years ago)
wow priyanka
rose4soni (5 years ago)
LOL 4.14 "Damn, she fine!"
celebritychaos.tv (5 years ago)
Paul Walker (5 months ago)
celebritychaos.tv your mother

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