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Secrets to Dating an SCORPIO Man To download your audio recording, follow this link: http://www.zeitgists.com/#!dating/cv1e Check your Free Monthly Video Horoscopes http://www.youtube.com/user/Zeitgists MEET YOUR ASTRO TWINS :) http://youtu.be/kUzIi8TcDew
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A$G#@R @BE&! (3 months ago)
I discovered a great compilation of videos that may help on Scorpio Insiders Guide
John Smith (3 months ago)
I discovered this video on Scorpio Insiders Guide - there's lots useful videos there that may help you
LaLa R (5 years ago)
Im an aqua sun girl, and always attract scorpios. Whenever they ask me out I get scared lol...Im like uh oh this is going to be deep.
INTJ-Scorpio-Sigma-Male (3 months ago)
Hah...... ;-)

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